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A book marketing plan for self-published authors is a comprehensive overview of your book’s potential sales and promotions activities. The plan should contain strategies and tactics, step-by-step guidance, and promotional activities based upon your available time and skills.

Your plan should include a mission statement that describes your objectives, strategies, and how you intend to position your self-published book in the marketplace. It also should include an analysis of your competition, the strengths and weaknesses of your book, possible publicity and promotion opportunities, and potential threats to your book's success.

A sales forecast will help you identify sales by region or group (market segments) and channels. This forecast should serve as the basis from which you will know what your first printing quantity will be.

A summary book promotion plan should be included in the marketing plan. A summary book promotion plan identifies the tactics, timeline, and costs involved in promoting your self-published book.

Your plan also should include a budget that enables you to see the overall costs involved in implementing your plan, as well as a month-by-month cost breakdown.

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Your plan does not need to be brilliant-it needs to be realistic. Authors often waste too much time dreaming up brilliant strategies only to discover too late that they do not fit into their budget, timeline, or overall strategy.

We offer a comprehensive book marketing plan. The plan is developed with you by one of our professionals in consideration to your goals, available time, and your budget. And if you don't yet have a budget, that's okay. Many of the strategies for marketing a book are free. They just take time. And if time is short, we can suggest the lowest hanging fruit - the essential steps required to kick-start the marketing of your book. Click here to check out our book marketing plan service.

We also offer a complete market evaluation for your book to determine the strength of your market.

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