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Why did the 19 hole screen golf failed to receive patent

The lower tier court decision in regards to the 19 hole screen golf patent breach was attracted attention. Company A that has a patent pending business model that provides an additional hole after playing 18 holes, called for prohibition of business injunction against company B which provided the same event hole. The court dismissed company A’s claim stating that the patent is merely an application of a marketing method generally used by actual golf courses. The patent at issue is a business model patent. A business model invention is a development of a new business system and method by realizing a business idea through IT such as computer and internet. Generally, invention needs to be a high-level creation of technological idea using the laws of nature. The requirements of invention needs to be new(novelty), and lead to modification(creativity), and can be used in the industry(possibility of industrial use). For this reason, if the invention of the business model applies a pre-existing marketing method or technology prior to patent admission, the novelty is denied. Also, creativity implies that one who allows easier use of general knowledge could be rewarded a patent. In this case, the pre-existing or new marketing method should be realized though new technology. Therefore, the court has found that the business model lacked creativity as the model merely applied a widely used marketing method.