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Self-Publishing a Book Has Never Been Easier

When you understand the process of self-publishing a book it's an enjoyable and rewarding experience. What make things complicated is not knowing how to retain your rights and every penny of sales, falling for all-inclusive "packages" sold by clever sales people, and paying inflated prices for sub-quality services. If you're researching your options then you've no doubt seen the "promised land" advertising that I'm referring to.

Hello, I'm Richard Perry. Let me welcome you to real self-publishing. Like you, I was searching for ways to get my book published. After numerous rejections, I decided to do it myself. That was 1992, followed by many more years of successful book publishing.

One day a friend asked me to help him self-publish a book. After that I discovered other writers were also in need. That launched Self-Publishing House, an ethical training and services site for authors in search of a quality publishing experience.

Make Informed Decisions

With the gracious help from other experienced publishers, I learned early on how to choose the right editors and designers, conduct the most effective and affordable marketing campaigns, and save money on quality book printing. I learned how to be profitable.

Now I want to share with you my tried and true path to self-publish a book that’s ready for the marketplace. I also want to help you avoid making serious mistakes that can cause you grief sooner than later.

What to Avoid

Most authors get caught in the vanity press or author services trap. If you’re searching for help self-publishing a book, I’d like you to know a few important things:

  • Never sign a publishing contract to self-publish your book
  • Your ISBN should be in your name and never provided by someone else
  • You should earn 100% of all income—never "profits" or "royalties"
  • Online retailer accounts should be set-up only in your name
  • Avoid packages bundled with cookie-cutter services you just don’t need
What We Do

Our business is to help you become your own publisher. That is the only true form of self-publishing. Although technology has changed, process is the same one I have used for more than 20 years.

We look at your book from a professional point of view, offer advice to help make it successful, and provide the tools you need to get there.

What We Never Do

  • We never ask you to sign a publishing contact because we don't have one. Contracts just lock you in.
  • We never offer packages because many services you don't need or you can do yourself.
  • We never manage your sales or take commissions because all sales go directly into your pocket.
  • We never assign ISBNs in our name because that would mean you are not the publisher.
Contact Me

I’d like to hear from you, learn your story, and see how I can help you. Contact me to schedule a FREE phone consultation and I will give you 30-minutes of my best advice. This is my way of giving back to community and keeping self-publishing a book a positive and ethical process.

Is Your Book GREAT?

Let's face it, not every book is going to be a best seller. Understanding your book's potential is key to successfully marketing it at any level. Whether you're self-publishing a book for a global market or just for friends and family, how you "package" your book is just as important as the writing itself. We offer complete editorial evaluations for fiction, nonfiction, children's book and cookbooks. Prices range from $169 to $299.

Please choose your evaluation to learn more:

Fiction Evaluation
Nonfiction Evaluation
Children's Book Evaluation
Cookbook Evaluation

THE BEST eBook Publishing and Distribution

When we convert your cover and text to ebook, and establish accounts on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Kobo IN YOUR NAME for direct deposit into your account. No other author services company offers this direct-distribution service.

Our ebook distribution eliminates the middleman. The are no "royalties" or royalty statements to be concerned about. There are no "profits" because every dime is yours.

You keep your rights and your own ISBN. Don't have an ISBN? We include one at no extra charge. Most importantly, it's in your name.

eBook Publishing and Direct Distribution costs $495. We handle everything for you, including your metadata. We can even offer keywords that you can use to help others find your ebook. Just ask.

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free consultation to get things started.

Book Website Design

We believe that every author needs a website for their book. The site should be titled after the book (or as close as possible) even if you plan to promote the book on another site.

You should be able to sell your book directly from your site and provide optional links to the major online accounts that we’ve established for you.

Your website should generate traffic by using a specific group of keyword phrases, which we can provide you at no additional charge.

Custom book websites are $350 to $500, and include 1 year of free hosting and unlimited email addresses and page add-ons.

Contact us to learn more.

Increate Your Website Traffic

Not getting much traffic to your website? We offer a custom report based on our review your website. We provide you with do-it-yourself instructions to increase traffic, provide you with a set of keyword phrases to use on your website, and guarantee results or your money back!

Your custom report and traffic generating keywords is just $149. Contact us to learn more.

Personal Professional Coaching

Do you have a special project or need someone to be on hand to brainstorm ideas with, answer questions, or to personally walk with you through the process of self-publishing a book? Consider hiring me as your personal coach. I offer a flat rate per month depending upon your unique needs. I can connect you to the best editors, proofreaders, designer and marketers in the business. I'll also teach you how to promote a book without paying a dime to anyone! Contact me to discuss what I can do for you as your personal coach.

Free Consultation


"The quality of the execution every step of the way, from concept to market, is consistently of the highest calibre. Rick truly understands how this business works, knows what his target consumer wants, and delivers at an exceptional level."

Rich Freese, President
National Book Network

"Over the past 15 years, I have watched Rick Perry publish outstanding books which garnered his authors glowing reviews in the media and national exposure on television and radio stations. His attention to detail is second to none and the quality of the books he creates speaks for itself. I highly recommend his self-publishing services."

Richard Cohn
Publisher of "The Secret"
Beyond Words Publishing

"Rick Perry has a complete understanding of the book publishing process from the scheduling requirements editing, design, and production to warehousing, fulfillment and marketing. His knowledge can save clients costly mistakes and wasted time as well as helping avoid pitfalls in the rapidly changing book publishing world."

Douglas Pfeiffer
President Emeritus
Publisher's Association of the West